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Dave Pursell
Managing Director
Tudor Pickering Holt & Co.
Britt Dearman
Sr. Vice President
Southern Region
Forest Oil Corp
Michael Beattie
Mist Mountain Energy
Mike Loudermilk
Operations Manager for
Drilling & Completions
Lime Rock Resources
Gregory Wrightstone
Wrightstone Consulting
Doug Walser
Technology Manager
Pinnacle, a Halliburton Co.
Matt Curry
Director of Business Development
Range Resources
Rocky Seale
Independent Completions Consultant
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The Energy Forum - Connecting Leaders
TEF PRODUCTION 2015 will address Artificial Lift, ReFracing, & a look at where the industry is going for the rest of the year & more
Sample of Some of the Artificial Lift issues to be addressed;
    • Artificial Lift issues in horizontal wells.
    • Impact of ReFrac operations on artificial lift.
    • Which artificial lift technologies are applicable in various scenarios, and why?
    • What is working and what needs to improve?
The Energy Forum (TEF) ReFrac Study© 2015
TEF is including with the roundtables a study of ReFracing. Results of the TEF ReFrac Study© 2015 will be made available in July.
A complementary copy of the 2015 report will be provided to anyone who as attended one or more of the study meetings.
TEF ReFrac Study© 2015 report will be co-authored by Rocky Seale, Principle, Seale Enterprises Ltd. & Doug Walser, Technology Manager, Hydraulic Fracturing Center of Excellence, Pinnacle a Halliburton Co.
Our "Study of Restimulation (ReFrac) Practices" addresses some key questions about refracs at each meeting including;
    • How do you pick the best restimulation (ReFrac) candidates? Are your best wells the best ReFrac candidates?
    • What are your ReFrac options when entering an existing wellbore?
    • Mechanically, how do you ReFrac horizontal wells?
    • Zonal isolation issues and options.
    • Specifics of the various diversion processes.
    • What Geologic considerations to know when analyzing for a ReFrac?
    • What Reservoir aspects need to be considered when ReFracing?
    • ReFrac economics evaluation.
Food and Beverage for the day.
Access to:
PowerPoint presentations from this roundtable we are permitted to post.
ALL PowerPoint presentations from the FULL SERIES we are permitted to post.
TEF ReFrac Study© 2015 Completed report
Roundtables will run from March 19 through June 18 with the results meeting being in Houston July 9.
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