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Dave Pursell
Managing Director
Tudor Pickering Holt & Co.
Britt Dearman
Southern Region
Castleton Commodities Upstream
Michael Beattie
Mist Mountain Energy
Mike Loudermilk
Operations Manager for
Drilling & Completions
Lime Rock Resources
Gregory Wrightstone
Wrightstone Consulting
Doug Walser
Technology Manager
Pinnacle, a Halliburton Co.
Matt Curry
Director of Business Development
Range Resources
Rocky Seale
Seale Enterprises Ltd.
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The Energy Forum - Connecting Leaders
2015 has definitely ushered in drastic changes.
At our March 19th Houston roundtable when asked about the most challenging issues for 2015 one person summed it up quite well for the group - "Survive! Stretch out the money!"
We will continue the production conversation over the next few roundtables including a look at "should you postpone completions?"
Assuming you do go forward what is the most economical approach to "Stretch out the money!"
TEF PRODUCTION 2015 will address Artificial Lift, ReFracing, & a look at where the industry is going for the rest of the year & more
Sample of Some of the Artificial Lift issues to be addressed;
    • Artificial Lift issues in horizontal wells.
    • Impact of ReFrac operations on artificial lift.
    • Which artificial lift technologies are applicable in various scenarios, and why?
    • What is working and what needs to improve?
The Energy Forum (TEF) ReFrac Study© 2015
TEF is including with the roundtables a study of ReFracing. Results of the TEF ReFrac Study© 2015 will be made available in July.
A complementary copy of the 2015 report will be provided to anyone who as attended one or more of the study meetings.
TEF ReFrac Study© 2015 report will be co-authored by Rocky Seale, Principle, Seale Enterprises Ltd. & Doug Walser, Technology Manager, Hydraulic Fracturing Center of Excellence, Pinnacle a Halliburton Co.
Our "Study of Restimulation (ReFrac) Practices" addresses some key questions about refracs at each meeting including;
    • How do you pick the best restimulation (ReFrac) candidates? Are your best wells the best ReFrac candidates?
    • What are your ReFrac options when entering an existing wellbore?
    • Mechanically, how do you ReFrac horizontal wells?
    • Zonal isolation issues and options.
    • Specifics of the various diversion processes.
    • What Geologic considerations to know when analyzing for a ReFrac?
    • What Reservoir aspects need to be considered when ReFracing?
    • ReFrac economics evaluation.
Food and Beverage for the day.
Access to:
PowerPoint presentations from this roundtable we are permitted to post.
ALL PowerPoint presentations from the FULL SERIES we are permitted to post.
TEF ReFrac Study© 2015 Completed report
Roundtables will run from March 19 through June 18 with the results meeting being in Houston July 9.
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