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Dave Pursell
Managing Director
Tudor Pickering Holt & Co.
Britt Dearman
Sr. Vice President
Southern Region
Forest Oil Corp
Michael Beattie
Mist Mountain Energy
Mike Loudermilk
Operations Manager for
Drilling & Completions
Lime Rock Resources
Gregory Wrightstone
Wrightstone Consulting
Doug Walser
Technology Manager
Pinnacle, a Halliburton Co.
Matt Curry
Director of Business Development
Range Resources
Rocky Seale
Independent Completions Consultant
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The Energy Forum - Connecting Leaders
Welcome to our annual year end meeting.
To use a word we hear a lot these days, 2015 has been an "interesting" year.
Our goal for the TEF ReFrac Study© 2015:
For at least the last 10 years the industry has not had much need to consider ReFracs consequently there is a pretty large lack of current knowledge about the process. In many cases we do not know what questions we need to ask about all aspects of ReFracing.
Our goal is to provide a basis of knowledge to work from. To provide some guides to what questions to ask when considering weather or not to ReFrac and what key items need to be known. In other words a good starting point.
We were able to provide a starting point and much more having been able to get into the specifics of how to conduct a successful refrac program. We have seen quite a few changing attitudes about refracs since the beginning of 2015.
Subject matter for this year end meeting:
Doug Walser of Pinnacle, a Halliburton Company and Rocky Seale of Seale Enterprises will provide the detailed TEF Year End report of what we have learned during 2015.
We will also take a look at where the industry is at the moment and share some thoughts about what may lie ahead.
In terms of looking ahead we will look at the question of "should refracs be a major tool in the kit" and what needs to happen to make ReFracs a major tool in the everyday kit.
We will also be addressing the "How To" type information. Basically "how should I plan and perform a refrac?"
Lastly we will hear about what technologies and / or processes are out there that will help the operator produce economically at today's pricing.
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