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Dave Pursell
Managing Director
Tudor Pickering Holt & Co.
Britt Dearman
Sr. Vice President
Southern Region
Forest Oil Corp
Michael Beattie
Mist Mountain Energy
Mike Loudermilk
Operations Manager for
Drilling & Completions
Lime Rock Resources
Gregory Wrightstone
Wrightstone Consulting
Doug Walser
Technology Manager
Pinnacle, a Halliburton Co.
Matt Curry
Director of Business Development
Range Resources
Rocky Seale
Independent Completions Consultant
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The Energy Forum - Connecting Leaders
Lewis Energy Group® & The Energy Forum are hosting our 3rd Annual Summer roundtable discussion. This year we are focused on ReFrac Implementation & the furthering of the TEF ReFrac Study© 2015 Phase Two. Our venue is the Historic Menger Hotel, San Antonio, TX, August 20, 2015
The meetings of The Energy Forum provide a very casual & intimate setting for the industry's best & brightest industry experts to discuss in detail topics important to all our bottom lines.
As a long time participant in The Energy Forum events, I invite & encourage you to join us in a daylong conference where we will hear relevant speakers talk & discuss about how to improve profits in this tough time for our industry.
Stan Jumper, Executive Vice President Exploration, LEWIS ENERGY GROUP®
Some of what we have learned
These and much more will be covered August 20th, in San Antonio
"It strongly appears that today's process of refracing is developing to the point that it will be utilized much more often in the future regardless of the price environment!" From several TEF Refrac Study© 2015 participants.
    • Candidate Selection - Keys to Identifying your ReFrac Candidates
    • Offset Well Risk
    • Achieving Effective Proppant Distribution in Lateral
    • Results Predictability
    • Diverters
    • Reservoir Quality
    • KH
    • Isolating the Horizontal zones as you ReFrac each stage - Options
    • Utilizing the NEW ReFrac Template that performs the basic calculations of additional EUR, ROR and Cash Flow - Within the program are cost structures for various refrac methodologies that are current
    • Delineating keys to ReFrac economics evaluations
    • ROR / ROI
    • What are the costs of Refracing?
    • What are the risks to existing production?
    • Your ReFrac options when entering an existing wellbore
    • Geologic considerations when considering a ReFrac
    • Reservoir aspects to be considered in your analysis for a ReFrac
    • Considerations that might keep you from considering a ReFrac
"Refracturing wells within even the first few years of production may provide significant economic benefits, especially during periods of downturns in oil and gas prices when drilling budgets are reduced"
          George E. King, distinguished engineering adviser at Apache Corporation
          American Oil & Gas Reporter magazine April 2015 edition. Excellent article!
"An analysis of 16 refractured Eagle Ford oil wells showed an average EUR increase of 57%, with the increase ranging from 10% to 184%" (see SPE 173340, presented at the 2015 Hydraulic Fracturing Technology Conference Feb. 2015) Excellent paper!
This series has generated substantial current knowledge about ReFracs! It strongly appears that today's process of refracing is developing to the point that it will be utilized much more often in the future regardless of the price environment!
The Energy Forum (TEF) ReFrac Study© 2015
TEF ReFrac Study© 2015 Midyear report, published July 20th, 2015 was co-authored by Rocky Seale, Principle, Seale Enterprises Ltd., Doug Walser, Technology Manager, Hydraulic Fracturing Center of Excellence, Pinnacle a Halliburton Co. & Neil Staley CEO The Energy Forum
A complementary copy of the 24 page 2015 Midyear Report will be available to all partipacants in this meeting and provided to anyone who has attended one or more of the study meetings.
Our "Study of Restimulation (ReFrac) Practices" addresses some key questions about refracs at each meeting.
    • Food and Beverage for the day
    • PowerPoint presentations from this roundtable we are permitted to post
    • PowerPoint presentations from the FULL SERIES we are permitted to post - this means from every meeting from March through year end
    • TEF ReFrac Study© 2015 Midyear report
    • TEF ReFrac Study© 2015 Annual report
NOTE: Our roundtables are intentionally limited in seating to permit interaction and exchange of ideas.
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