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Dave Pursell
Managing Director
& Head of Securities
Tudor Pickering Holt & Co.
Britt Dearman
Castleton Commodities Upstream
Mike Loudermilk
Gregory Wrightstone
Wrightstone Consulting
Doug Walser
Technology Manager
Pinnacle, a Halliburton Co.
Rocky Seale
Vice President U.S. Operations
Resource Well Completion Technologies Corp.
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The Energy Forum - Connecting Leaders
We are beginning to here more positive comments about the second half of 2016.
WTI has been working its way up, we know it will not be straight up. Most folks we talk to seem to think we will see a $40 to $60 range through the rest of 2016 with perhaps some time above or below the range.
Refracturing is very likely to be a process that will be employed to a much grater extent than in previous years.
We will continue our in depth look at Refracturing and will also look at what Innovations are being developed that will permit profits in lower WTI prices.
Special Discussion
Can your asset base be improved via refracturing?
  • SEC "Proved" reserves requirements must be met to assign incremental / additional reserves
  • How do you prove you have "Opened Up & Communicated" with NEW reservoir rock?
  • Is Technology employed "Reliable" & Forecast able to be "Repeatable & Predictable"
    In 2015 multiple meetings were held in several cities, new & repeat attendees came to explore ReFracs - Appropriate Uses, Benefits & Lessons Learned----- Pioneer Natural Resources, Devon Energy, Lewis Energy, Honcho Energy, Peregrine Petroleum, Chesapeake Energy, Apache Corp., Fairway Resources, Sierra Resources, Presco Energy, Resource Minerals, Chimney Rock Energy, Laredo Petroleum, Lime Rock Resources, ENI Petroleum, Roxanna Oil, Cimarex, Concho Resources, Drilling Info, Xtreme Drilling & Coil, Geosystems LLP, Gulf Star Group, Packers Plus, TEC Well Service, PetroEdge Energy, Chase Bank, Frost Bank, CGG, Baker Hughes, SynOil, Energent Group, Pinnacle, Castleton Commodities Upstream, Tudor Pickering & Holt, Denham Capital, Ely, Shepherd Royalty, Integrated Energy Services Inc.
    We hope to see you on May 26th.
    Neil P. Staley, CEO
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